Do you have a recommended fitness tracker app? 

Our favorites are Strava, Myfitnesspal, Fitbit, Garmin. If you already have an app, you are more than welcome to use that. 

Who do we send our screenshot to?

We are still working out logistics and will keep you all updated. We appreciate your patience as we work through this new change. 

How are we going to maintain social distancing?

  • No day of race registration.

  • No awards presentation after the event.

  • Participants must stay in their vehicle until 8:50 am.

  • Masks will be provided, so please wear a mask when lining up.

  • No more than 50 people congregating at one place at one time, there will be a slow wave start. 

  • After the race is completed, we ask that you return to your vehicle, unless you are waiting for another member of your party. (Please be mindful of social distancing). 


Can I run or walk your course since it is on public property?

That is called banditting and it is a big no-no in the race world. You will be branded a bandit and reported to all Race Directors in a 100 mile radius.  


Can I bring my dog? 

We don't like to use the "D" word, and prefer to use Canine American.  Well-behaved Canine Americans with responsible owners attached to leashes that do not interfere with the race, or participants are welcome. Sorry Cats! 

Can I get a refund or transfer a registration to another person?

Refunds are generally final; however, in the covid-era, we know we have to be flexible. In the days leading up to the race, if you present symptoms that make you unable to attend, please email the race director, Belinda Petshow, at belpetshow@gmail.com.  

What about inclement weather? 

We are a rain or shine event. If there is a weather event or air quality issue that would make participation dangerous, we will keep registrants updated on the status of the event. 

I didn't get registered by Oct. 29th, so how can I participate in the event? 

We will be providing day-of registrations for this event.

I didn't get registered in time to be guaranteed a t-shirt and I really want one!

We will have an extremely limited number of extra commemorative t-shirts this year. To be guaranteed a shirt, please register by 11:59pm on Oct. 17th. 


Are baby strollers/joggers allowed?

Yes, as long as the baby stroller/jogger does not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of other participants. Please drive carefully!



Is this course wheelchair friendly? 

Yes, however this is an outdoor event and there is a portion that cross railroad tracks. If you are in a wheelchair, please send the RD an email at belpetshow@gmail.com to ensure there is an attendant at the railroad crossing to make sure that you safely get across the tracks. All wheel chairs must be powered by your arms. Electric wheel chairs or electric shooters are welcome to participate but will not be timed.